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Our team helps people to relocate or abroad with ease and hassle-free way and aims to accompany them at each stage of this transition period.
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Easy Moving: Our Checklist To Get Organized

If you do not do it on time, changing your house can be stressful … Stress-Free Moving offers tips to organize you in three months …

Three Months Before Moving

Remember to cancel your lease by registered letter with AR if you are renting. The period is reduced to one month in case of dismissal, transfer, etc. 

Find a mover. It is estimated that the volume to be moved, calculated in m3, generally corresponds to half the surface area in m2, i.e. 50 m3 per 100 m2. Make several quotes because the prices vary from single to triple, especially during school holidays. You have the choice between several formulas: “Luxury” (the provider takes care of everything from A to Z, the dream but it is expensive), “Standard” (he disassembles and remounts furniture, packs and unpack fragile objects) and “Economical” (it only performs loading, transport, and unloading, it is you who pack). 

Two Months

Start sorting, giving, throwing. And to recover boxes in supermarkets or to buy some. Put away everything you do not need from here. Indicate to the marker the contents and the piece where it should go on both sides of the cardboard. 

One Month

Inform your Internet Service Providers of your change of address. According to the new configuration, you will be able to transfer or cancel your subscriptions ADSL, cable, telephone, etc. The opportunity to use it to compare the different offers of the market and renegotiate. Make your change of mailing address. La Poste offers two services: the simple forwarding of your mail for a period of six or twelve months or the Pack My New Address which, in addition to the return, helps you in all your steps for your move. Start eating the food in the freezer!

15 Days

Plan the location of the furniture in each room in terms of your new home and give a duplicate to the mover on the day J. Cancel your water, gas, electricity contracts at the old address and ask for a connection to your new residence. All this is done by phone or internet. Notify bank, insurance, taxes, social organizations, mutual, of your change of address. 

Eight Days

Remove everything that is hanging on the walls, wall sconces, paintings because the movers will not do it. Empty and defrost refrigerator and freezer two days before. Put together in a binder all the documents and keys you will need during the move. Keep with you in a bag except for money, jewelry. Plan to have children and pets on D-Day. Confirm the time of the appointment with the mover and check that he has correctly retained the parking space for the truck in front of the house. Notify the neighbors. 

The Day Of The Move

Arrange for one person in the new house to receive the movers on arrival and to indicate the location of the furniture. Check that there is no breakage when unpacking. If you notice damage, report it on the delivery note. You have ten days later to confirm your observations, by registered letter AR (for remedies see page 161 what to do in case of problems?). Give the movers a tip and, if so, give them a drink!

Survival Kit For The Big Day

Prepare a bag or card that you will take with you and that will avoid you to search the boxes on arrival. Inside: clothes for the next day, enough to prepare breakfast, a pot, cups, plates and cutlery, a can opener, a dishcloth, bulbs, an electric lamp, your mobile chargers, a toiletry bag, and toilet paper.