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Storage service – how does it work

a quick guide to storage service and terms of use

A lot of movers offer storage as an additional service. This is for if you have stuff you can’t take with you, because your new home can’t fit them, or you just have no use for them at the moment. If you have to move urgently and have no time to properly take care of everything, then you may need storage service.

A storage container is good for two reasons – size and safety. It’s as big as any other truck. The only difference is, it’s mobile and can be loaded and shipped to any location you require. Meanwhile, it keeps things safe and protected. It’s air, wind, and water tight, so you will never need any tarps or other extra protection for your belongings.

Storage service comes it two variations. The first one involves packing your possessions, loading them in a container and parking it in a storage yard for safekeeping. You pay rent every month and you can visit your stuff whenever you want. The second kind of storage service is pretty much the same process only this time, the movers drop off a container at your door and leave it there for as long as it takes you to load it. When you are ready and packed, simply give them a call and they will park the storage unit in front of your new place. Where you can take as long as you like unpacking.

Storage service is very useful in long distance moving. If you are not ready to take everything with you all at once, you can store it and ship it later. Meanwhile your belongings are safe and secure. The containers are big enough to hold around 40-50 boxes. And if you can’t pack on your own, or have no experience in that, moving companies usually offer packing services as well.

They will probably ask you about the things you will be transporting. That’s a standard procedure. They have to make an estimate of the luggage, in order to make the right arrangements to optimally fit the container. If you are planning on storing things for a longer period of time, you can have the movers arrange the container in a more accessible way, so that you can easily find anything you may need.

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