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High quality moving services

Any type of moving is a struggle. Moving your business is even more of a hassle because you have business equipment, files and other important business related items to move. If these items get lost or damaged, you can’t make money. Stress Free Moving & Storage Company  understands this fact. We take extraordinary care to make sure your belongings arrive at their destination safely and undamaged. This is why many people will not consider moving across the city, state or country, without the help of the commercial movers who work for Stress Free Moving & Storage Company  which is located at Westa Palm Beach.

Moving is hard work. Whether you are moving across the county or  moving down the street   there is a lot to do. You  have to pack up your possessions and find a way to transport them to their new place. Someone who does not have to go through the stress of moving unaccompanied, our moving service can assist you with everything from packing to getting your valuables to your new place.

Our services are available to both commercial business owners and residential customers. We will help with  long distance, local  and even help you move internationally. One of our  popular services is transportation. There are numerous trucks and vans that can be rented so you can move your belongings from one location to another. If you want more help our movers can do the hard work for you. They will come and load up the moving van with your furniture and boxes. They will arrange everything carefully and also make effective use of the space in the moving vehicle. Less trips between locations will help keep you money. The movers will then take your belongings to your new location, they will take out the boxes from the moving truck for you and even help you unpack. All you have to do is enjoy your new dwelling.

Our moving service does not stop at transportation. We can pack up your possessions for you. We bring our own supplies including  boxes, moving tape, and padded cover for furniture. We pack your items cautiously giving fragile items particular care. After we transport them to your new site we can unpack everything for you. If you choose to pack yourself we can have the required supplies shipped to your door.

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Sometimes larger items cannot be moved to the new place right away. If you are moving from a house into an flat not all the furniture is going to suit in the new location. We offer storage services for the items that cannot to taken along. Our storage offices are climate controlled. These units can be rented for  less a month or for years if it is needed. Moving is a frustrating process. Allow our experience and professional crew  take the stress away for new and get you and your belongings safely to your new residence.

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