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Movers advice to house plants moving

Before grabbing your favorite houseplants and setting off into the sunset, read this!

Moving plants is a simple but delicate job and should not be taken lightly. Most moving services are equipped to handle the safe transportation of any plant. Of course not all people want to entrust the movers with their plants. Some are particularly fond of their plants and prefer to move them on their own. Nevertheless, this is a guide to preparing and taking care of your plants before and after a move. Whether you choose to move them with your own car or have the movers take care of them, it doesn’t matter.

Here is what you have to do:

Before you move to your new place check if the state allows it. Bringing plants is prohibited in some states. They want to eliminate the introduction of non-native pests. Make sure you’re not going to any of these states.

We have prepared a list of tips and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and move plants successfully:

1. Start preparations early. A few weeks before the movers come, you have to prune the plants to a manageable size. Transplant them into non-breakable pots to avoid problems. These actions are highly stressful to the plans, so make sure to leave enough time for recovery before you stress them again.

2. A week before leaving, check them for parasites and treat if necessary. By the time the moving services arrive, the pesticide residue should be gone.

3. Keep plants safe during the move. Put them in boxes to ensure they don’t fall over and break. If the box is covered, don’t forget to make holes for the plants to breathe

4. Tie the branches of the taller or larger plants together to avoid breakage. Use gentle strings or something softer so it leaves no damage.

5. Be careful with the temperature. Excessive heat or cold is dangerous to the plants. So don’t leave them in the car or the movers truck. It’s better to take them out, if overnight stays are required.

6. Upon arrival take care of them immediately. Find suitable locations for them, somewhere away from unloading routes. Water them and let them acclimate for a few days before arranging them in the house.

You don’t have to transport them yourself however. As long as your plants are prepared, it doesn’t  matter who moves them. Most movers are fully equipped to safely handle any plants.

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