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5 best tips to get ready for a move

Whether you are planning a do-it-yourself relocation or you simply want to hire a moving & storage company to do it all, the most important thing is to prepare your house ahead of time. If you lack a proper plan, then you might be feeling a little out of control. While you are dealing with stress, or things around you are disorganized, the last thing you want to experience is a move that gets out of control. Besides that, the more belongings you want to move, the more money you will spend. If you prepare your home in advance, this could save you a significant amount of the cost and time involved in moving. Below are 5 tips that will get you and your home ready for the big day.

 1. Say goodbye to the stuff you do not need anymore.

 Give yourself small steps to help you reach your final goal. Room-by-room, clean out the items you will not need in your new home. If you do it one room a day, you will be able to prepare the house in a week or two. However, it all depends on the time you have before the moving day. It is advantageous when you are packing a room, to separate the items into boxes with different labels such as garage sale, donation or trash.

 2. Organize the items you want to keep.

 If you don’t have enough time to pack into boxes everything that will go to your new home, it won’t take you too long to at least organize it. Finding out that everything has a place, will save you time when the moving team come to pack your belongings.

 3. Clean while you pack.

 To get things done efficiently, it’s easier to clean your home, while packing and loading. When you finish with one room, just close the door and continue onto the next.. This will be extremely helpful, especially when the moving day is close and leaving your home clean is a necessity.

 4. Utilize the items you can’t take with you.

 The majority of moving companies can provide you with a do-not-ship list of items such as propane tanks, cleaning agents, candles or perishable foods. Organizing a party just before moving, placing some candles here and there and using the propane to grill burgers, will use these items up. Next, clean with the detergents when people leave. That way you will use them up, so they are not wasted.

 5. Collect the boxes and moving supplies.

 If you are planing a do-it-yourself move, and you want to save some money on a moving & storage company, you will need to find some sturdy boxes. The idea of using grocery store boxes, is not the best one you can come up with, advises Stress Free Moving & Storage Company in West Palm Beach FL. These boxes are not made to protect fragile goods. You should use specialized moving boxes. If you check out the internet you can find some fair quality used boxes.

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